Arts, a tool for life

For Cuban artist Kcho, arts should be a “tool for life”, a principle that looms large in his studio in the neighbourhood of Romerillo. The massive compound in the heart of the community features galleries, workshops, a theater, a library and plenty of open spaces for creation.

Still, the most important part of the concept lies well beyond the physical confines of the facility complex. Dozens of precious works of arts, from Spencer Tunick and Andy Warhol to Amelia Peláez and Mariano Rodríguez can be found scattered across parks, bus stops, grocery stores and living rooms of common peoples’ homes. Not even one has been stolen or damaged.

That is the ultimate proof of the transformational effect of this initiative in a community that continues to evolve from a past marked by dejection and neglect. As Kcho himself likes to put it: “people respond to respect”.

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