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What most American travellers want to know about when traveling to Cuba.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cuba a safe destination?

Cuba is one of the countries witgh lowest crime rates worldwide, and is particularly safe for foreign visitors.

Are there places where Americans are not permitted to go while in Cuba?

There are no places in Cuba that Americans are not permitted to go by Cuban authorities. However, the US government prohibits americans to engage in financial transactions with entities and facilities included in its Cuba Restricted List.

Can Americans do a car rental program?

Americans can do car rental programs as long as it complies with OFAC regulations.

Can Americans stay at hotels?

Americans can stay at hotels not included in the Cuba Restricted List established by the US government.

Are there direct flights?

There is plenty of direct flights all year round, with carriers including American Airlines, Jet Blue and Southwest Airlines.

Can Americans go to the beach?

Going to the beach, just as any other activity, is possible only if the concept of the activity falls under the declared travel category. While having a beach party does not qualify, professional research activities on marine biology -for instance- might warant going to a beach without beaking OFAC regulations. So, it is not about where you go, but what you go there for.

How do you guarantee our trip is OFAC compliant?

Although only your attorney or OFAC itself can guarantee that, our years of experience with OFAC compliant itineraries and activities are a good indication that your trip will satisfy OFAC regulations.