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For the ages:Viñales

The Valley of Viñales is a place of singular beauty. The variations in the relief and the colour contrasts between the ochre soil, the green hues of the plants and the limestone outcrops or mogotes, make this landscape an admirable sight. As if it hadn’t been generous enough, Mother Nature, with its works of millions of years, gave Viñales the largest cavern system of Latin America, abundant fossils from the Jurassic and the Cretaceous, including the living fossil Microcycas Calocoma, and a rich flora and fauna featuring numerous endemic species, many of them endangered. Not surprisingly the place generates so much scientific interest and is considered a paradise for speleologists, botanists and ornithologists.

Amazingly, the transformations made by human activities have only added to the aesthetics of the place. The entire plain is devoted to traditional agriculture, especially tobacco, a crop that does not reach optimal quality when cultivated by mechanical methods. Most of buildings scattered over the plain are built using local and natural materials. Thus, as the sun moves across the sky, the white and grey houses and the cultivated plants in a wide palette of greens, complete a visual spectacle, which changes as the seasons pass and the crops grow.

On the other hand, the village of Viñales, strung out along its main street, has retained its original layout, and there are many interesting examples of colonial architecture. Traditional craft also flourishes here, as well as music, poetry and folk art. Those are expressions of an original culture, a synthesis of aboriginal peoples, Spanish conquerors and African slaves, of which Viñales is home. In fact, arts have transformed the Viñales Valley into a symbol of the Caribbean landscape, thanks to the works by artists such as Domingo Ramos and Tiburcio Lorenzo.

Those exceptional aesthetic and socio-cultural values are certainly a true joy to behold, but also a great responsibility to protect. The Viñales Valley is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and, is therefore, thankfully, subject to strict regulations to ensure its responsible management and preservation. In that field, something great is also happening, with a multitude of institutions and individuals engaging in a colossal effort to keep unharmed that living landscape for generations to come. In itself, that is another type of experience, no less enjoyable and enriching, that Viñales has to offer.

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