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Havana,Feel the Passion

Havana is fascinating. Perhaps you have already heard. Being at the center of events that have changed the course of history, life here is lived with extra intensity. That might explain why habaneros seem to not know how to channel their overflowing passion in an unremarkable way. Dance is a good example of this.

Some illustrious gentleman visiting the city at the twilight of the 18th century said that “the whole year is a dance, and the whole island a ballroom”. In fact, at that time, there were in Havana at least 50 places set up for the most varied publics to dance every night. In 1838, more than 7000 bailadores attended the inauguration of the Teatro Tacón; and at the turn of the 20th century, more than 20 dance academies were operating in the city.

One of the greatest classic dancers of all times, Alicia Alonso, at one point was presented with the choice of either dancing or her sight. Needless to say that her exceptional career in ballet carried on well beyond that juncture and, even next to turning 100 years old, nothing in the world would have kept her away from the rehearsals and presentations of the National Ballet Company that she founded.

That is not an isolated occurrence. From music to baseball to classic cars, there as so many extraordinary feats marked by passion. Not surprisingly, Ernest Hemingway found so much material for his books here.

Those stories certainly beg to be told. What about experiencing them?

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