Day Trip

Unique Women in Havana

This tour gives you the opportunity to meet unique women who have broken gender stereotypes by developing extraordinary ventures. The tour begins at Ciclo Papel, an ecological and family project. You will be able to witness the transformation of old documents, newspapers, cardboard and other recyclable elements into art and crafts; For this, rainwater is used with the aim of giving paper a new life without the use of chemical products, thus promoting the culture of recycling in the city.

Then you take a walk to Zulu, a business with more than 30 years of experience. Professional women, began creating leather bags from leather cuts abandoned in a shoe factory. Currently they have a very defined style due to their slogan which is “have you seen a similar bag?” Next, you take a bike taxi to visit Beyond Roots, the first Afro-style store on the island. Its founder’s passion for raising awareness of natural beauty and pride in African roots is its driving force. To end this interesting tour, you will enjoy some tapas and a cocktail at the Oasis Nelva creperie, where all the ingredients are fresh and organic, making this a true oasis in this sometimes hectic city.

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