Thrilling ride on an original Hershey train

Looking for an incredibly fun exploration of a great piece of cultural heritage? Then, this excursion is perfect for you. Follow the footsteps of the chocolate millionaire Hershey.

Drive to the small town of Hershey, built by the American chocolate millionaire, and learn how it came to be there, while you walk by the Pennsylvania-style houses that still stand there. During the walk, stop at the home of a local, where you will learn how to make ¨guarapo¨ (sugar cane juice). Afterwards, get to the Hershey train station for the highlight of the tour. Take a 30min to 1-hour-long journey on a restored ancient electric train through a typical Cuban landscape far off the trodden path. Enjoy open bar, dance and live-music on board. After this fun train ride, continue on your way to Matanzas or return to Havana.

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