Davids vs. Goliaths. Jews in Cuba

The Cuban Jewish community has dealt with considerable challenges in order to survive in Cuba. While the friendly, assimilative nature of the Cuban cultural identity led to tens of thousands of European Jews calling Cuba home in the 20th century; it also represented a threat for the preservation of Jewish traditions.

The turn of events during the first few years of the officially atheistic revolution did not help either; 90 percent of the Jews left the island-nation, which – on top – does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Thus, the fascinating history of Jews in Cuba, which can be traced over 500 years back, is that of a struggle “with God and with men”.

Meet Adela Dworin, Head of the House of the Patronage of the Hebrew Community of Cuba. Tour the pharmacy, the computer centre and the library, which treasures over two thousand books in Yiddish. As you engage in the activities of the centre and meet members of the congregation, learn about the personal story of Mrs. Dworin, one that reflects vividly the struggles of the community she staunchly serves.

Support the institution that has kept alive not just the Jewish traditions in Cuba, but has contributed to enhance the respect for religious entities at large and their congregations.

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